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yahoo! malaysia: “a comprehensive guide to the best restaurants to visit in bali in 2023”


From spicy Indonesian Nasi Goreng to indulgent Italian wood-fired pizzas – you can taste the world in the land of the gods. Here’s a look at the a few must-visit restaurants in Bali.

Apricot-hued sunsets and crystal-clear waters aren’t the only allure of Indonesia’s most popular archipelago. In fact, the aromas of Bakso (meatball soup) as well as Sate Ayam (chicken satay) – amongst other local favourites – are bound to greet you on the streets of Ubud and Seminyak. Combine this with migrants-led fine-dining establishments, experimental-fusion menus that have featured in the World’s 50 Best lists, bustling party spots, and beachside watering holes and you’ve got yourself a foodie’s dream destination. If you’re headed to the tropical paradise of Bali, here’s our pick of popular restaurants to hit up.

Exciting restaurants to pop by if you’re in Bali, Indonesia

Kaum Bali, Seminyak

Located in Desa Potato Head, Kaum – which translates to ‘tribe’ in Indonesian – is a stunning spot for authentic Indonesian food of the islands. The space, which pays homage to local craftsmanship, is marked by vibrant Trorajan wood carvings. Communal tables, meanwhile, encourage traditional, family-style dining. Must-try bites from the menu, featuring recipes passed down generations, include the Sate Babi Kecap, Nasi Goreng, Gohu Tuna, Gulai Gurita, and Tongseng Ayam. We recommend asking the staff for a selection of their in-house sambals to really spice things up.

Published on 02/02/2024 by Potato Head