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in residence: fa’ pawaka & olle holmberg


Fa‘ Pawaka a.k.a. Fahrani Empel or Favelamunk, is a multidisciplinary Indonesian artist based in Berlin.

Fascinated by the healing properties of alchemy crystal bowls, Fa’ has dedicated her work to cultivating optimal environments to stimulate their soothing properties. Utilizing a method called ‘Sacred Tuning’ which was developed in collaboration with Olle Holmberg and Elisa Lindeberg, Fa’s expertise is in evoking calm within human bodies.


We are excited for Fa’ to join us at the Desa for the month of October as she activates various spaces and frequencies, drawing knowledge from lunar cycles.

Together with Fa’, Olle Holmberg will perform Sacred Tuning Ceremonies, a series of flowing shape-shifting improvisations concerned with ecosystems, traditional ritual music, and modular syntheses.

Inspired by the natural world and altered states of consciousness, Olle conjures vivid psychedelic soundscapes and takes his audiences on an otherworldly journey.

Fa’ and Olle will join our Desa community for the month of October, conjuring various sounds and experiences.

Private Sacred Tuning Session


Fa’ Pawaka and Olle Holmberg offer private Sacred Tuning sessions at Potato Head for individuals and small groups. Sacred Tuning is a sound healing ceremony intended to soothe and synchronize the mind-body and lead people into equilibrium.

For some, the experience is uplifting and euphoric; for others, it offers relief by untangling emotional or spiritual blockages. The activation is conducted using Alchemical Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Monochord, Chimes, a Gong and an Analog Synthesiser.

Duration: 60 min

Price: IDR 3.000.000 (1-2 pax) IDR 4.000.000 (3-4 pax) incl. tax & service

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