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Fa’ Pawaka: Exploring sound, breath, and balance for a harmonious life


In the second episode of our Natural Systems series, we dive into an insightful conversation with Fa’ Pawaka, a Berlin-based Indonesian multidisciplinary artist. Known also as Fahrani Empel or Favelamunk, Fa' has captivated audiences with her innovative approach to sound and its profound impact on well-being.

Fa’s current artistic focus is centred around the transformative power of sound. By embracing sacred instruments, she creates unique wellness experiences that promote peace and profound well-being. Fa’ is deeply passionate about the healing potential of these tools and strives to share their benefits with the community.

As a valued member of the Potato Head family, Fa’ contributes significantly as a facilitator for our monthly Purnama (full moon) and Serenity Tuesday morning sessions. She also plays a pivotal role as a co-curator for Merasa, where she led several sessions designed to foster deeper connections and holistic healing.

A Journey of Balance and Breath

During our talk, Fa’ shared her insights on the power of breath, the importance of balancing life, and her practices for nurturing both the spiritual and physical body. She emphasises that chaos is an inherent part of life, a testament to the energy of existence. "Chaos is part of life," she says. "It's everything that comes your way, every emotion. There's always something to learn, to breathe through."

Fa’ explains that her daily practice helps her navigate through the chaos, allowing her to remain grounded and not get lost in the process. "Sometimes, all you need is a space to breathe," she reflects, highlighting the significance of taking a step back and finding calm amidst turmoil.

As a mother, Fa’ discusses the ongoing journey of self-discovery that follows childbirth. She shares the challenges and joys of balancing her roles, emphasising the need to care without seeking to control. Her message is clear: embrace the new and unfamiliar with an open heart and mind.

Join us as we explore Fa’ Pawaka's journey and her dedication to sound, breath and balance. Her story is a powerful reminder of the importance of harmony in our lives.

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Published on 11/06/2024 by Potato Head

Original article by Potato Head. Created on 11/06/2024