Merasa: 7 Days of Regeneration co-curated by Erykah Badu

Wellness is an ongoing journey, not a destination.

After last year’s unforgettable weekend event, Merasa returns to Desa Potato Head with a 7-day experience dedicated to regenerating and elevating the mind and body. Through music and creativity, we aim to bond, connect kindred spirits and share knowledge.

A redefining of wellness and self-care through our "Good Times, Do Good" manifesto, Merasa is an invitation to delve deeper into yourself and grow in harmony with nature’s rhythm, with a schedule aligned with the Balinese calendar to harness the unique energy each day offers.

Curated by Erykah Badu in collaboration with Potato Head, our program features a blend of traditional and innovative practices. Erykah herself will lead a talk and a morning session, joined by friends such as KT The Arch Degree, NOTEP, Fa’ Pawaka and Waangenga Blanco, each sharing their unique perspectives.

In the realm of visionaries, few names carry as much weight and soulful resonance as Grammy Award-winning artist, Erykah Badu. As a true creative force, Badu embodies the Potato Head ethos. Through her artistic and personal journey, she organically builds bridges that connect music, wellness, and creativity, inviting all who encounter her to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.

Badu's influence is deeply rooted in the connection between people and nature, a theme that aligns perfectly with our vision for Merasa. With a nod to nature's rhythm, we invite you to embrace timeless wisdom as we honour traditional practices, rediscover the beauty of simplicity, and celebrate a life aligned with the natural world.

Expect a diverse programme catering to both body and soul — because we believe that it's in the fusion of tradition and innovation that true transformation occurs.

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Practitioners Line-up

Erykah Badu.jpg

Erykah Badu

Fa' Pawaka.jpg

Fa' Pawaka



KT The Arch Degree.jpg

KT The Arch Degree

Waangenga Blanco.jpg

Waangenga Blanco

Tjok Gde Kerthayasa.jpg

Tjok Gde Kerthayasa

Renatta Moeloek.jpg

Renatta Moeloek

Bruno Sitton.jpg

Bruno Sitton

Kim Herben (By Felix).jpg

Kim Herben (By Felix)

Tjok Raka Kerthayasa.jpg

Tjok Raka Kerthayasa

Shannon May Powell (small beyond).jpg

Shannon May Powell

Josh Lynch (small beyond).jpg

Josh Lynch

Dani Huda.jpg

Dani Huda

Pierre Zylstra.jpg

Pierre Zylstra

Branden Collinsworth.jpg

Branden Collinsworth

Rafi Muhammad.jpg

Rafi Muhammad

Carina Hardy.jpg

Carina Hardy

Ayu Anantha.jpg

Ayu Anantha



Johnny Tieu.jpg

Johnny Tieu

Anna Feng.jpg

Anna Feng

Gems of a Moonchild.jpg

Gems of a Moonchild



Kevin Suwandhi.jpg

Kevin Suwandhi





Devi Italastari.jpg

Devi Italastari

Gato Latex.jpg

Gato Latex







Zee Latifa.jpg

Zee Latifa

Light Sound Vibration Journey (1).jpg


Wasted Lab.jpg

Waste Lab




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