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Joost Bakker: An exploration into zero waste living

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EP01 - Joost Bakker: An exploration into Zero Waste living, Future Food Systems and his experience staying with us here at Desa Potato Head.

The first in our Natural Systems series features an enlightening exchange between Joost Bakker, the zero waste innovator, and our Chief Creative Officer, Dan Mitchell.

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Joost Bakker, known for his visionary approach to zero waste, has spent over 25 years challenging the world’s wasteful habits. Through art, floristry, design, architecture, and hospitality, Bakker has earned a reputation as a disruptor and environmental activist.

A Visionary Journey.

Born in the Netherlands and raised with a strong sense of sustainability, Bakker moved to Australia, where he began creating art from waste. His early works led to exhibitions in the ‘90s and eventually to designing and building sustainable homes. Bakker questioned why the hospitality industry wasn't adopting zero waste practices, leading him to open Silo, a café with no bins, cardboard, or waste.

Bakker believes in showing rather than telling. "I've never been someone who is vocal. Instead, I believe in physical projects. A living, breathing example is the best way to educate people." His project, Brothl, made food from waste, showcasing practical sustainability. In 2020, he launched the Future Food System to further innovate food production.

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His work in building materials, waste treatment, and nutrition has gained global attention. In a world facing environmental challenges, Bakker’s ideas are crucial for a sustainable future.

Bakker views our current food system as destructive, causing deforestation and biodiversity loss. He believes urban food systems can transform food production. Through his projects, Bakker aims to inspire and educate, building a more sustainable world.

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Join us as we explore Joost Bakker's journey and his vision for the future of zero waste and sustainable design. His story is a testament to innovative thinking and practical action.

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Stay tuned for more insights from the Natural Systems series.

Published on 11/06/2024 by Potato Head

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