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With Haruomi Hosono, Kiko Mizuhara, Yuka Mizuhara, John Carroll Kirby, Theo Parrish, Precious Bloom, Dewa Alit, Gamelan Salukat, and more.

This July, we’re excited to host a one-day festival experience in collaboration with NTS Radio, featuring live performances from electronic music pioneer Haruomi Hosono, celebrated singer-songwriter John Carroll Kirby, and cultural icons Kiko and Yuka Mizuhara, alongside a DJ set from respected Detroit artist Theo Parrish among the diverse lineup. Welcome to NTS One Day.

The event brings together musical legends to perform, mix, and exchange with up-and-coming talents and local favourites. Celebrating a diverse range of sounds and styles, it’s a chance for our extended musical community to come together to share in the magic of live music. The music will be played from daytime into night across two Desa Potato Head stages, with the Beach Club and Headstream playing host to the talented acts.

Online station NTS Radio has been tapping into the true potential of the internet and reshaping how music is enjoyed since it was launched in London in 2011. NTS One Day starts at 12pm at our Headstream Radio studio, with Benedek, Molinaro, Noise in My Head, Nindy Noto, and Raissa. As the sun sets, Bali’s very own Dewa Alit and Gamelan Salukat will take to the stage before we welcome live performances by Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Haruomi Hosono along with Kiko and Yuka Mizuhara, John Carroll Kirby, and supporting act Precious Bloom.

Taking us into the night will be a closing DJ set by groundbreaking producer and DJ, Theo Parrish.


Line-up Profiles

The Mizuhara Sisters_line up.png
Kiko Mizuhara

Kiko Mizuhara is an internationally renowned model and actress, celebrated for her unique style and appearances in high-profile magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle, as well as her roles in acclaimed films. A contemporary cultural icon, her influence extends to fashion design, and brand collaborations with global fashion houses.

The Mizuhara Sisters_line up.png
Yuka Mizuhara

Yuka Mizuhara is recognised for her multifaceted talent as a model, DJ, and social media influencer, has performed at notable events and venues globally, captivating audiences with her vibrant personality and eclectic style. She embodies modern creativity and cultural sophistication, making her an influential figure in contemporary pop culture.

Haruomi Honsono.jpg
Haruomi Hosono

Tokyo-based Haruomi ‘Harry’ Hosono is a founding member of both the influential folk-rock band Happy End and the pioneering electronic trio Yellow Magic Orchestra. Throughout his five-decade career, he’s released numerous solo albums, with a sound effortlessly fusing exotica, funk, country, electronic, ambient, and everything in between. As well as his solo projects, he’s contributed to film soundtracks and brought his production finesse to the work of many other artists.

John Caroll Kirby

John Carroll Kirby is a musician, composer, and producer known for his genre-surfing style. Born in LA, Kirby has established himself as a versatile artist, collaborating with Frank Ocean, Harry Styles, Eddie Chacon, and many others. Kirby's solo work fuses elements of jazz, new age, and electronic music to create a uniquely immersive sound. He’s a highly respected figure in contemporary music thanks to his contributions to both the mainstream and experimental scenes.

Theo Parrish_cropped.jpeg
Theo Parrish

Since emerging as a creative force in the ‘90s, Theo Parrish has cemented his position as one of the esoteric music community's most vital and reliable producers. He’s released seven albums and scores of singles on labels including Peacefrog, Ubiquity and his own Sound Signature imprint, and he’s considered one of the most influential artists to have arrived via Detroit’s always fertile dance music territory.

Precious bloom_cropped_resized.jpg
Precious Bloom

Precious Bloom is a Jakarta-based group formed in 2022 by Aradea ‘Dea’ Barandana and Adinda Dwimadasari. They blend Asian city pop, new beat basslines, and Indonesian disco melodies, creating a nostalgic yet experimental sound. They’ve released critically acclaimed music on labels Rush Hour and Bless You, and have performed at festivals including Flow, Sound Metaphors, and Doka.

dewa alit &salukat resized.jpg
Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat

Dewa Alit is a contemporary composer known for his bold approach to gamelan and other musical forms. He grew up surrounded by traditional Balinese music and played in many gamelan groups as a leading musician from a young age. In 2007, he founded his own group, Gamelan Salukat, to express his ideas through gamelan and perform his compositions on self-designed instruments and tuning systems.


Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, Kota Yoshioka has been the Japan and Asia label manager for the globally acclaimed indie label Stones Throw since 2009. Based in Los Angeles since 2006, he DJs for label artists' shows and tours, as well as at local clubs, bars, and hotels in the city, including regular DJ sessions at Gold Line bar. He hosts a resident show on NTS Radio. Kota's diverse musical palette encompasses the eclectic sounds of Hip Hop, Beats, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Disco, House, and beyond.


Bandung-bred Raissa is a DJ and producer who believes in music experimentation with no boundaries. Actively running and curating programs with Orbitware since 2019, she also has contributed mix for local platform and international radio program such as Noods radio, The Lot radio, Radio Raheem, and Headstream.


Equipped with an alluring inventory of versatile sounds and an intrinsic ability to read the floor, Potato Head and Klymax resident Dita elegantly captivates crowds with her lovingly curated blend of proto-house, Balearic disco, ‘90s breaks and much more in between.


Gero's eclectic journey began at an aviation institute, evolving into DJing at Jakarta's top parties. Settling in Bali, he co-founded Studio Eksotika, exploring diverse music styles. Inspired by island life, he fosters cultural exchange through Pesona, believing music transcends boundaries.

Benedek_DPH_line up.jpg

L.A. producer Benedek is known for blending boogie, house, and downtempo grooves while exploring new musical territories. His work reflects the vibrant spirit of Los Angeles, capturing both its bright and hidden sides. Benedek's music has been released on labels like PPU, L.I.E.S., Apron, Leaving Records, and Music From Memory and has collaborated with artists including Steve Arrington, Delroy Edwards, Dam-Funk, Tom Noble and more.

Noise in My Head.jpg
Noise in My Head

Noise In My Head is a freeform music journey led by Michael Kucyk. It started as a long-running cult radio show on Melbourne’s 3RRR FM and became a key part of the Australian music scene. Over 13 years, NIMH connected producers, DJs, and selectors worldwide, forming links between Australia, Japan, Germany, Sweden, UAE, Canada, the US, and beyond.


Molinaro is a London-based artist known for his “debonaire and ruffcut" style. He recently collaborated with Coby Sey and TYSON on the single 'Can't Be Unstuck' and released a debut album with the trio Rest Symbol featuring Moreiya and Wendy Lavone. Molinaro founded the label AN1MA and hosts a monthly show on NTS Radio. His music has also appeared on labels like Apron Records, Touching Bass, NCA, and Patchwork.

Nindy Noto.JPG
Nindy Noto

Nindy Noto is a passionate explorer of sonic landscapes. With an eclectic repertoire, she adapts seamlessly to different settings, creating musical journeys for diverse audiences. For the past three years, she has been a resident at Headstream by Potato Head Bali, broadcasting live and guiding listeners through her morning show, “Kukuruyuk”. She finds immense joy in sharing her musical discoveries.

NTS x Potato Head presents: NTS One Day Bali

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