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Wasted Collective celebrates walking culture to help connect us with ourselves, the wider community, and the Earth — all while doing our bit to clean up Bali.

Crafted from 90% recycled industrial materials, the Earth Shoes are designed to get you up on your feet and out into nature. The shoes come in two styles — Volcanic Black and White Sand. Inspired by the many striking contrasts found in Bali.

The Walking Club organises two walks to help connect us with the local community – and ourselves – as we stroll through nature, cleaning up the rubbish we find along the way. The Trail of Reconnection starts on the beach before taking an easy walk to discover hidden gems of the Seminyak community. The Restorative Green Walk joins forces with the Astungkara Way youth project to explore the farming oasis of Subak Uma Lambing, stopping for yoga sessions and freshly harvested lunch on the route.


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