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what the next generation are doing to protect our oceans


World Oceans Day is a moment to ask ourselves what we want our future to look like and how we need to change. We asked a handful of young potato heads who grew up in Bali to share their thoughts on the state of the ocean. Here’s what they had to say.

On a February morning, we joined a group of Bali’s young guns for a beach clean-up along the island’s west coast – kids who grew up on the island and live for the ocean. Who have experienced it in all its glory and some of its darker moments too. As we sorted through the litter – rubber sandals, shards of plastic and other fragments of human waste peppered across the sand – we were prompted to think about our role as custodians and how the next generation might feel about inheriting the marine environment in the state that it’s in. So, we asked a few of them for their sentiments on the ocean. Here, they share some of their happiest memories in the water, the steps they take to protect it, the things that inspire them to nurture and give back, plus a handful of tunes that remind them of the big blue.

REMI, 17

What appears in your mind when you hear the word “ocean”? When I went for a surf in Malang, Java, I caught the longest, most beautiful wave ever. The best thing about the ocean is the animals that live within these deep waters, literally all of them. But when I went to north Bali, I didn’t only see trash in the ocean but we went to go see dolphins in the water. We saw about 15 dolphins being chased by 120 boats. It was devastating.

What are you doing to help protect the ocean? I am a conscious consumer. I make sure my trash does not go near the ocean.

What can other people do to help? To be aware of where your waste goes and to be aware of how it is produced.

Name three tracks that remind you of the ocean. Com Você Sou, Bebeto Closer, Project Pablo O Pato, João Gilberto

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BONO, 18

What appears in your mind when you hear the word “ocean”? Being a young child exploring new beaches with my best friends and family. We would do this almost every week – having picnics and chilling at the beach the whole day. Also, going to the beach helps clear my mind and lets me free from the busy streets of Bali.

What are you doing to help protect the planet and the ocean? Using water wisely and reducing the use of plastic by bringing tote bags to grocery stores when shopping. Also, bringing reusable water bottles everywhere I go and only using electricity when need, replacing a motorbike with a bicycle for short distances and eating less meat.

What can other people do to help? Spreading awareness to use less ‘one-time-use’ plastic bags and other containers.

What’s your top sustainability hack? Recycling old clothes – making art on them and deconstructing them.

Name a cultural icon that inspires you. Leonardo DiCaprio – environmentalist and a great actor.

And three tracks that remind you of the ocean. Goodie Bag, Still Woozy By Your Side (Neptunes remix), Sade Fly Away, Laidback


What appears in your mind when you hear the word “ocean”? My best memory in the ocean is really difficult to think of as I’ve had so many. It could be one of the countess barrels I’ve had while surfing. It could be times swimming or freediving trying to bring rocks to the top. For me, the most enchanting moments I’ve had in any body of water are when I am at the bottom. The bottom of the sea, lake, river or pool is the calmest I’ve ever felt anywhere. You can feel totally part of the environment, and that is why I feel so affected by the build-up of rubbish. Unfortunately The older and more socially aware I’ve become has led me to see my beloved ocean differently. Instead of swimming down to the bottom to admire the beauty, I find myself looking at the trash all over. Happy Ocean day. One day soon I hope to swim in a clean one.

Name three tracks that remind you of the ocean. Beyond the Reef, Santo & Johnny Feel Flows ( Remastered 2009), The Beach Boys Ma Il Cielo E Sempre Piu Blu, Rino Gaetano

Potato-Head-Worlds-Ocean-Day-04-679x1024.jpg Potato-Head-Worlds-Ocean-Day-05-679x1024.jpg

NAR, 18

What appears in your mind when you hear the word “ocean”? My best memory of the ocean is of me free diving down to the seafloor in Flores and getting surrounded by manta rays, there is something about the ocean that feels very free. It’s like this big magical place, it keeps me alive by creating oxygen and food and such. The worst thing I’ve personally seen in the ocean is big industry hotels releasing their sewage waste into the water. Not only was there a gross layer of oil and probably shit everywhere, but you could see that they had been doing this for a while and all the coral had died.

What are you doing to help protect the ocean? I guess in general, I like to think that I’m more conscious of things I buy and consume because in the end everything somehow makes its way into the ocean.

What can other people do to help? Something easy would be to just have a conversation with someone about the ocean, learn about it. Maybe you’ll find something that stands out to you. Any small thing you do would probably help, but it’s up to you to find out what that is.

Give us three tracks that remind you of the ocean? Ocean Man, Ween Upside Down, Jack Johnson Sakura, Susumu Yokota

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