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potato head x max lamb

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Potato Head Study Chair, Kaleido, 100% recycled PET plastic, Max Lamb, 2019 – Product of a Potato Head

Kaleido plastic is a combination of upcycled yoghurt pots and waste cosmetic bottles pressed into a single large sheet, a technique mastered and crafted by Smile Plastics.

Max’s technique of cutting instinctive shapes from these single sheets and rearranging them to form a chair celebrates the inherent decorative qualities of the recycled plastic and demonstrates Max’s resourcefulness as a designer. The chair consists of only one material and the offcuts are used as the weld to hold the chair together – creating a zero-waste product. The chair was made in Bali with Max and the artisans of Kalpataru.

The chair is part of the studio interior at Potato Head Studios.

Published on 05/06/2020 by Potato Head

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