potato head presents night moves with john carroll kirby & eddie chacon, shy one, ruby savage, and more


Night Moves are back with another lovingly curated night of hyper-eclectic sonics on Saturday, April 8.

Designed with Bali’s discerning music heads in mind, Night Moves presents a hand-picked selection of international artists and homespun talents playing across two stages in the dreamy Desa surroundings.

Over in the Amphitheatre, revered duo John Carroll Kirby & Eddie Chacon will bring their soul-rich fusion of heartfelt vocals and dexterous instrumentation, and the Indonesian pairing of Adra Karim & Rafi Muhammad complete the open-air line-up as their intricate rhythms and melodies cascade over the Indian Ocean.

Topping a distinctly UK-themed bill on the Bar Deck, Shy One and Ruby Savage go back-to-back to bring the polychromatic sounds of London City to the shores of the Indian Ocean. Manchester’s Neil Diablo will bring his alluring blend of Balearic gold, while local favorites Equalwho and Bagvs will carefully set the tone with their well-formed selection of subterranean goodness.

Lineup Profile



If you’ve listened to a widely acclaimed album in the last few years, chances are you’ve heard John Carroll Kirby’s work. The gifted artist has worked with the likes of Frank Ocean, Solange, and Sébastien Tellier while his charmed solo work continues to win fervent support among discerning music lovers.


Eddie Chacon is a revered singer and songwriter whose distinctive vocals charmed the world during his glittering pop career, notably on his early ‘90s classic ‘Would I Lie To You’. After stepping away from music, he returned with a nuanced and uncompromising sound, merging heartfelt lyrics with inspired artistry and compositional prowess.


Shy One’s effervescent sound signature echoes of the vibrant city of London in which she was born and raised. Blending an irresistible combination of house, hip-hop, broken beats and more, she brings a cultured selection of grooves inspired by a lifelong affinity with music.


Ruby Savage is an inspired selector and beloved member of the underground music community. Known and admired for her NTS show, label management and in-store charm at London’t Honest Jon’s record store, her far-reaching sets routinely captivate as she effortlessly weaves dancefloor magic.