merasa presents a 72-hour wellness experience 2023


Wellness is a regenerative journey, not a destination.

Potato Head & FA’ PAWAKA will come together in the form of a 4-day experience on 4-7 May, dedicated to reset and elevate the mind & body. Through physical activities, music, performances, film and insightful conversations, we aim to bond, connect and inspire the community.

A redefining of wellness and self-care through our “Good Times, Do Good” ethos.

Sound Healing / Yoga / Mindfulness / Breathwork / Movement / Mobillity / Energy Work / Guidance / Ice Bath / IV Drip / Film / Talks / Workshop / Ritual

Our Philosophy MERASA, Indonesian for ‘to feel’, is a tailor-made approach to discovering resolutions for your body, mind and spirit.

Doing things the Potato Head way, we honor the philosophy of duality within Balinese culture –embracing both life’s pleasures and challenges– to gently guide you towards a natural inner balance.

We recognise that every individual has different desires and needs, which is why at MERASA, wellness integrates both traditional and modern practices. Whether you prefer something which is rooted in the divine, or want a pragmatic approach to understanding yourself, we’re here to help you feel like your best self– regardless of where you are on your wellness journey.

Lineup Profile



Fa’ Pawaka, otherwise known as Fahrani Empel or Favelamunk (she/they), is a Berlin-based Indonesian multidisciplinary artist whose current work centers around sound. By utilizing alchemy crystal bowls and other sacred instruments, she strives to create peaceful atmospheres and promote wellbeing. Fa’ is passionate about the healing potential of these instruments and is thrilled to be curating MERASA in collaboration with the Potato Head team, providing unique wellness experiences to the community.