potato head presents dj harvey at sunset park


We’re thrilled to announce that long-time friend and collaborator DJ Harvey returns to Potato Head to play one of his legendary extended sets from March 31 into April 1. Join us as the revered selector weaves cosmically charmed sounds across the freshly renewed Sunset Park rooftop bar.

One of the world’s most cherished DJs, Harvey’s imaginatively-spun sets are always something to savour. Joining him to craft uniquely seductive soundscapes, a carefully-chosen ensemble will elevate the mood as the sky slowly evolves from light into dark. Jakarta-based collective Pleasure ride in with their disco-led rhythms and grooves, while Potato Head residents Gero and Dita will intuitively set the tone with their refined selection of Balearic wonderment. Featuring an immaculate line-up of eclectic-minded diggers, Harvey’s long-awaited return to Potato Head marks an early highlight to our stunning 2023 events calendar.

Lineup Profile


DJ Harvey is a near-mythical DJ and producer whose uncompromising approach has seen him operate in a class of his own throughout his 30-plus-year career. An entertainer above all else, his agile sound signature effortlessly surfs musical forms, which, combined with his effervescent personality, make him one of the most revered and recognisable artists operating in and beyond the esoteric musical underground.


The Jakarta-based Pleasure collective offer a gloriously unpretentious take on music, art and fashion. Armed with a DIY approach and an inclusive spirit, they’ve captivated global audiences with their fun-filled events and DJ sets.


Equipped with an alluring inventory of versatile sounds and an intrinsic ability to read the floor, Potato Head resident Dita elegantly captivates crowds with her lovingly curated blend of proto-house, Balearic disco, ‘90s breaks and more.


Potato Head resident Gero brings a uniquely eclectic touch as he instinctively selects sounds to suit his surroundings. His immersive blends vividly demonstrate his belief that good music is categorised neither by geography nor by language.