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condé nast traveller uk: “desa potato head non-traditional beachside nurturing”



Desa Potato Head in Seminyak may be best known for its beach club, but there’s much more to this long-standing design hotel, creative retreat and sustainability showpiece – the most recent addition being the Sanctuary spa.

Developed in collaboration with Ubud’s spiritual- healing centre Pyramids of Chi to supplement its more conventional spa, this immersive wellness concept offers a deep dive into unconventional practices and techniques with an esoteric bent. Presided over by mellow group leaders, communal sessions are divided into four distinct experiences that include vibroacoustic light therapy, sound healing and ice-bath therapy. A light sound vibration journey invites participants to laze on waterbeds with built-in speakers that pulsate in time to a synchronised light show to “awaken human potential”. There are also grounding breathwork sessions, aimed at reconnecting with the body, that can be unexpectedly deep and intense (there’s an optional dunk in ice water to push your limits further).

“This immersive wellness concept offers a deep dive into unconventional practices.”

These unusual gatherings require a degree of intimacy and trust that may not sit well with everyone, and which traditionalists may reject, But the open-minded will be in seventh heaven. Desa Potato Head’s broader ethos complements the offering, exuding positive energy. A pioneer in eco-conscious living, the property contains the Waste Lab, which reworks landfill-bound detritus to create stylish details for guest suites and studios, and has the proud distinction of hosting Indonesia’s first zero-waste restaurant, ljen. With its lofty ambitions for self-betterment and tip-top service from welcoming locals, Sanctuary seekers will feel good long after they’ve left this idiosyncratic spot amid the ethereal majesty of Bali.

Published on 03/11/2023 by Potato Head