Discover a path to wellness that is uniquely yours

Discover a path to wellness that is uniquely yours
Discover a path to wellness that is uniquely yours
Discover a path to wellness that is uniquely yours
Discover a path to wellness that is uniquely yours
Discover a path to wellness that is uniquely yours
Discover a path to wellness that is uniquely yours
Discover a path to wellness that is uniquely yours
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Merasa, Indonesian for ‘to feel’, invites you to discover a path to wellness that is uniquely yours; to intuitively feel the needs of your body and mind.

Doing things the Potato Head way, we honour the philosophy of duality within Balinese culture – embracing both peace and pleasure – to gently guide you towards a natural inner balance. Wellness is not a destination but an ongoing journey. And we’re here to meet you wherever you are along the way.

All visitors to the Desa are welcome to enjoy our classes. For guests of Potato Head Suites and Studios, most group classes are complimentary. Anyone else wishing to join can do so by contributing a donation.

Active Daily Rituals

Desa Workout.jpg

Desa Workout

Put yourself to the test and break into a total body sweat with a workout that turns the Desa as a fitness playground.

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Potato Head Athletic Training (PHAT)

Build your cardio engine, strengthen your core, and condition your body with an intense collective workout. Prepare to be challenged and reach new heights in your fitness.

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Desa Running

Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned ultra-marathoner, we’ve got a series of running programmes that focus on making running fun, through a combination of aerobic runs, skill sessions and skill work for all fitness levels – all while exploring the Desa and getting to know the neighborhood.



Step out of your comfort zone with this high-intensity workout that builds fitness, strength, and coordination. Our coaches will focus on conditioning your stamina and fine-tuning your basic boxing skills.

Desa Playground.jpg

Desa Playground

Burn off some of your child’s excess energy through a series of healthy activities in the Desa Playground. We focus on functional skill building, developmental movements, aerobic capacity, and motor skills all while having lots of fun.

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Private Training

Whether it’s one-on-one personal training or with a group, we have options to find the workout that fits you best.

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Sunset Strength & Conditioning

Training at sunset allows you to use the energy of the setting sun to recuperate and release tension. In this session, you’ll focus on increasing strength and power in a total body workout.

Pura Raga.jpg

Pura Raga: Healing through Dance

Mixing contemporary music and movement with traditional Balinese dance principles, Pura Raga (Body Temple in Indonesian) aims to heal body and mind through dance. The idea behind Pura Raga is to view our bodies as sacred temples – honouring the whole being with intentional and gentle movement.

Gentle Daily Rituals



This all-level yoga session helps increase flexibility, endurance, and strength, leaving you both energised and calm as you free your mind, body, and spirit.

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Under the Rising Sun - Energy Activation and Meditation

Activate your morning as you are guided in a meditation against the backdrop of the rising sun, the sound of the ocean and nature’s breeze.

AM Guidance.jpg

AM Guidance

A quick session of oracle card reading intended to provide you with gentle guidance.

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Bamboo Moves

An evening, candle-centered meditation practice in our Bamboo Garden, filled with creative vinyasa and yoga nidra to offer restoration for your mind and body.

Alternative Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine Journey.jpg

Traditional Chinese Medicine Journey

The session starts with a consultation followed by an acupressure touch and cupping treatment before closing the journey with a nourishing soup to replenish your body.


Traditional Balinese Healing

During this session, you will receive spiritual guidance and gentle physical mind-body work to release physical or emotional blockages, helping you harmoniously align with your higher self.

Emotional Freedom Technique.jpg

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

A practice that uses a natural tapping method to help release stress, dissolve intrusive and limiting thoughts and emotions, and break unhealthy habits.

Energy Balance Session.jpg

Energy Balance Session

A personal session where our in-house practitioners Kim or Flo reintegrate and rebalance your spiritual and physical bodies through a combination of Reiki and Balinese energy cleansing practices.



Hypnotherapy is a direct and powerful method to transform our subconscious programming. We connect and work with the subconscious mind and its programming. This is the part of our mind where all our blueprints, belief systems, and triggers are stored, accounting for almost all of our daily activity.


Breathwork + Ice Bath (1).jpg

Breathwork + Ice

Putting conscious thought and focus to our breath can elevate our mind, body, and soul while releasing emotional and energetic blockages. We conclude this session with a beachfront ice bath to celebrate your journey.

Breathwork (1).jpg


Breathwork is a powerful tool to bring us into the present moment. It's something we all do unconsciosly around 22.000 times per day.

Light Sound Vibration Journey (1).jpg

Light Sound Vibration

For those wanting to reach altered states of consiousness, stimulate your brain wave activity with multi-sensory light, sound, and vibration immersions.

Sound Healing (1).jpg

Sound Healing

Step into the energetically warm and inviting Merasa Space and join us for a Sound Healing session that will feel like coming home.


Desa Gym (1).jpg

Desa Gym

Work out in a uniquely designed space using state of the art equipment. Do your own thing, or have a programme created for you and adapted to your fitness level by scanning the barcode in the gym.


Jamu Bar

Serving traditional Indonesian jamu – a healthy elixir made from carefully blended herbs and spices, designed to energise, revitalise and balance.

Spa (3).jpg

Desa Spa

Where modern design meets traditional healing practices. Recharge or relax in our cocoon-like rooms and enjoy a heightened sensory experience. An opportunity to help you connect back to yourself.

Sleep at Desa