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Soul icon Erykah Badu performs live at Potato Head on 1 June


Celebrated singer, songwriter and wellness icon Erykah Badu is set to make her Bali debut with an unmissable live performance at Desa Potato Head on Saturday, 1 June.

The show marks the launch of the 2024 edition of Merasa — 7 day experience dedicated to regenerating and elevating mind and body, this time co-curated by Erykah herself.

In the realm of visionaries, few names carry as much weight and soulful resonance as the Grammy Award-winning artist. A true creative force, she organically builds bridges connecting music, wellness, and creativity, inviting all who encounter her to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.

In so many ways, Erykah Badu is the embodiment of our Good Times, Do Good ethos.

Steeped in soul, swagger and conscious lyricism, iconic albums like ‘Baduizm’ or ‘Mama’s Gun’ continue to touch the lives of millions of fans worldwide, while her mesmerising performance prowess serves to enhance her status as one of the most gifted soul artists of her generation.


But her reach travels far beyond the world of music, with her multifaceted talents extending into healing and beyond. As a doula for birth and death, her nurturing spirit embraces life’s most profound transitions, while her deep knowledge of herbal medicine and crystals reflects her holistic approach.

Badu’s influence is deeply rooted in our collective connection to Mother Earth, a theme that aligns perfectly with our vision for Merasa. Paying respect to nature’s rhythm, the event invites you to embrace timeless wisdom while honouring traditional practices, rediscovering the beauty of simplicity, and celebrating a life aligned with the natural world.

As well as her opening performance, Erykah will lead a talk and morning session during the event. She’ll be joined by a hand-picked set of friends and wellness luminaries — including KT The Arch Degree, Notep, Tjok Gde Kerthyasa, Fa’ Pawaka and Waangenga Blanco — who will each share their unique perspectives during an extended celebration of life, nature, music, energy and exchange.

Published on 07/05/2024 by Potato Head