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the rooftop guide: “18 best rooftop bars in bali”

the rooftop guide: “18 best rooftop bars in bali”

Sunset Park at Desa Potato Head

Potato Head is a creative village by the ocean, where music, art, design, food, and wellness play together. Recently, an elevated and sparkling rooftop venue called Sunset Park was added to the mix, inviting you to experience the transition from day to night in the most idyllic way possible – under the setting sun. Surrounded with panoramic views over the ocean, the rooftop bar offers crafted signature cocktails and tropical takes on the classic Aperol Spritz, as well local barbeque cuisine, all to the sounds of a carefully curated and eclectic soundtrack.

Tropical aperitivo | Curated soundtrack | Sunset views

Published with edits on 23 Oct 2022, by Desa Potato Head

Original article by The World’s Leading Experts On Rooftops. Published on 22 Oct 2022