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Studio Eksotika Presents


Studio Eksotika and friends come together to bring good times at home, with their series of DJ mixes, live videos and listening sessions curated to take you on an explorative journey of Indonesian music.

Designed to make you dance at home and transport you to Bali, the mixes, videos and podcasts cover music from around the world, but focus on some of the best underground and commercial Indonesian tracks, touching on the DJs’ music collections from over 30 years ago to the current day.

DJ mixes released weekly every Saturday, each mix also delivers a message from the DJ.

Diskoria Live

Move your body to Diskoria’s Indonesian disco sounds. Recorded from the Studio Eksotika webcam in February.

Voyage de Charme by Dea Barandana

#goodtimesathome from potato head Dea Barandana. He gifts us this exotic, sun infused Sunday mix. Featuring Consuelo, Prentice, Mari Nakamoto and more. Tracklist:

  1. Genji Sawai – Za
  2. Hamid El Shaeri – Law Konti
  3. Pyrolator – Ein Weihnachtsmann Kommt In Die Disco
  4. 4c Soul – Joy
  5. Elephant Man – The Plague Riddim
  6. African Project – Be My Husband
  7. Unknown
  8. Consuelo – Besame Mucho
  9. Jean Louis Murat – Te Garder Pres Moi
  10. Afterlife – No Holiday For Broken Heart
  11. Prentice – Sou Louco
  12. Ronald Sneijders – Zonnige Siriname
  13. Joanne King – Two Pillows
  14. Sophie D Estave – Aventurine
  15. Mari Nakamoto – When Will I See You Again

Touching The Times by Munir (Midnight Runners)

The next mix in the ‘Studio Eksotika and Potato Head Present’ series comes in from Munir Midnight Runners, which touches the times of his music collections from the last 30-40 years. From Asia to Africa, there’s tracks in different languages, and we can appreciate them all. He ‘hopes it will make you dance at home’. Tracklist:

  1. Grasshopper – Inseparable
  2. Kay Huang – Crystal Ball
  3. Gaby Lang – 1,2,3 O’Clock
  4. Trouble In Side – Zulu Rap
  5. Harold Lucious – Let The Feeling Turn You Out
  6. Ben Brako – Adom Tomorrow
  7. Dancing with the One You Love (Munir Edit)
  8. Naoya Matsuoka – Batucada Primavera
  9. Munir (Edit)
  10. Munir (Edit)
  11. Midnight Runners – Dago 99 (Edit)
  12. Tong Poo (Munir Edit)
  13. Sun – We’re So Hot (Munir Edit)
  14. Ghisly Brown – Let’s Talk About It
  15. Mother F – Welcome Aboard

Sounds from the Paddy Fields by Kai (Tantrà)

A mix from Tantrà’s Kai to accompany your days of isolation. A theme tune to feel the wind that blows from its streets, coasts, hills and paddy fields, that sings of better days! Tracklist:

  1. Pili Pili – Virgin Jungle
  2. Mondi Bizarre – Where Are You
  3. Cantome – The Call (Banzai Republic Mix)
  4. Rheinzand – Mr. Mercury
  5. Relmer International – Nightingale
  6. Happy Mondays – W.F.L. (Vince Clarke Remix)
  7. Get Down Edits – Rise (Daz’s Rise Up Edit)
  8. Sweet Control ft. Georgie O – Lighter Than The Wind (Wind Mix)
  9. Jay Tee – Nana Nana, Now Wait A Minute
  10. Lola – Wax The Van (Jon’s Dub)
  11. Tracey Lynn Clarke
  12. Cassia Eller – Eles (Craig Ouar Edit)
  13. Nu Guinea ft. Tony Allen – Howls
  14. Feon – The Sun Is High
  15. Afrobotic Musicology – Jungle
  16. Muddyloop – Lov Me (Instrumental)
  17. Afrosound – El Regreso de E.T. el Extraterrestre
  18. Local Artist – Dancer
  19. Warehouse Preservation Society – Loving Touch
  20. River Yarra – Aorsom Wislhs
  21. Sprutbass – Reddik
  22. Kutchi-Kutchi – Não Morra De Ciúme
  23. Walter Martino – What Love Can Do

Samilir Tresna by Gero

Our own Studio Eksotika’s Gero has prepared us a playlist that’s made with love.


  1. Nature Sounds – Seascape
  2. Joe Tossini – Lady of Mine
  3. Celi Bee – For The Love Of My Man
  4. Russ Long – Never Was Love
  5. Miquel Brown – Close to Perfection (Extended Version)
  6. Pino D’Angiò – Ma quale idea
  7. Cerrone – My Desire
  8. Flor De Coca – Number One Ensemble
  9. Gipsy Kings – Volare (Nel Blu di Pinto di Blu)
  10. Gato Barbieri – I Want You
  11. Copeland Davis – Morning Spring
  12. Enterprise – Anónimo Veneciano
  13. Queen – Cool Cat – Remastered 2011

Walearic by Wale

This mixtape is a love message from Wale. The mix, covering all bases from Donald Byrd to The Stone Roses encourages the listeners to keep their head up, be chill and be open to change. Tracklist:

  1. Montana Sextet – Philly Bus Beats
  2. P’cock – Telephone Song
  3. Nina Simone – Jelly Roll
  4. Leo Sayer – Easy To Love
  5. Fern Kinney – Baby Let Me Kiss You
  6. The Loose Control Band – Doin’ It
  7. Get Down Edits – It’s Your Love
  8. Donald Byrd – Where Are We Going
  9. Dos Palos – I’ve Been Around
  10. Bob James – Angela
  11. The Stone Roses – Tightrope

Twirl A Little by Dita

Tune in to some harmony from Dita. Here’s a mix to accompany you while you prepare your brunch or even open a bottle of wine in the afternoon. Tracklist:

  1. Lisa Ono – Manoa
  2. Ms. Sharon Ridely – Changin’
  3. Sasso – Tudo Ben
  4. Tony Scott – Spirits Return
  5. Miskotom – Berenice’s Hair
  6. Oldschool Rider – Living On Another
  7. Os Abelhudos – Contos De Escola (Millos Kaiser Edit)
  8. Real Sucker for Your Love – Hugh Mane
  9. HLB – Ooh La La
  10. Sol Power All Stars – Catch Monkey (2AM Dub)
  11. Benedek & Noble – Profesora
  12. Neon – Le Macho Du Mambo (Club Mix)
  13. Yasuka Shimizu – Find No Words To Say

Damba Kelana by Diskoria

This mix is described as Diskoria’s isolation mood interpretation. It is Diskoria’s personal wish to be able to travel the world again to play and spread love through music. Tracklist:

  1. Mondo Gascaro – Dan Bila (80s Version)
  2. Vina Panduwinata – Dunia Yang Kudamba
  3. Margie Segers – Naluri
  4. Grace Simon – Indonesia
  5. Margie Segers – Derita Hilang, Bahagia Datang
  6. Rafika Duri – Citra
  7. Paquita – Damai
  8. Rien Djamain – Indahnya Cinta Pertama
  9. Parlemen Pop – Kelana Asmara
  10. Emerald ft. Utha Likumahuwa – Gaya Disco
  11. Unknown
  12. Louise & Eben – Makna Hatiku
  13. Rien Djamain & Jack Lesmana – Masa Yang Indah
  14. Margie Segers & Yopie Item – Nada Dan Lagu

Listening Session: Daniele Baldelli

The iconic Italian DJ and producer Daniele Baldelli sits down with Studio Eksotika head Dea Barandana for an enlightening talk about the evolution of DJing, cosmic disco and some of his favourite records.

Ramadan Tape by Kasimyn / Gabber Modus Operandi

“The other fun stuff that I learnt after second time travelling to East Africa: Bunch of love collection from Middle East, Persian, North and East Africa. This just a tip of Iceberg of amazing music out of never ending conversations with friends that cross the path in my tour and residency project. I think this playlist comes from the messy topic of Silk Trade Route, Spread of Islam, Fascination of Black Jazz mixing tons of territorial musical scales and that somehow vibing close and happened to 60-70s South East Asian Boogie like Pop Yeye or Thai Funk.” Tracklist:

  1. Mamamn Sani – Ya Bismillah
  2. Abdallah Oumbadougou – Thingalene
  3. Raze De Soare – Ferastra Usa
  4. Ibrahim El Kashif – Elhabeeb Wain? (Where is My Sweetheart?)
  5. Ziad Rahbani – Ma Tfel
  6. Ahmed Fakroun – Nisyan
  7. Fairuz – Aloula
  8. Hamid Al Shaeri – Ayonha
  9. Dur-Dur Band & Sahra Dawo – Gorof (Elixir)
  10. Attarazat Addahabia – Aflana
  11. The Scorpions – Mashena
  12. Alogte Oho & His Sound of Joy – Mam Yinne Wa
  13. Dur-Dur Band – Caashaqa Maxaa Il Baray
  14. Saied Khalifa – Igd Allooli (The Pearl Necklace)
  15. Sharaf Band & Xaawo Hiiraan – Kadeed Badanaa Naftaydani

Mattias Lodding DJ Set Tune back in to Mattias Lodding’s DJ set as he warmed up the room for Wolf Müller at Studio Eksotika back in March.

Orion Interlude by Bagvs

Tune in to Bagvs’ selection of cinematic music composition, world electronic oddities, ambient and easy-listening jazz. Tracklist:

  1. Kecamatan Noiula – Feko Bobi
  2. Kelela – Fade To Mind Interlude
  3. Takashi Kokubo – A Dream Sails Out To The Sea
  4. Gianni Ferrio – Un Giorno Ieri
  5. Gabriel Yared – Betty Et Zorg
  6. Alessandro Allesandroni – Personale
  7. Nano S. – Galura
  8. Priscilla Ermel – Getos De Equilibro
  9. Alexis Georgopoulos & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Marine (Woo Version)
  10. Upsammy – Zona
  11. Raymond Scott – Carribea
  12. Safari – Day Dream At Bobs Beach
  13. Airto Moreira – Jequie
  14. Rowen Johnson – Dubbing It Closer
  15. UB40 – Present Arms In Dub
  16. Vangelis – Tears In Rain

Serene by Ofri and Willy (Norm Radio)

Ofri and Willy of Bandung-based online radio station Norrm Radio curate the next mix in the ‘Studio Eksotika Presents’ series, inspired by the feelings and things we usually take for granted. Tracklist:

  1. Morning Glow – Jun Fukamachi
  2. Impossible Island – Gaussian Curve
  3. Come Down in Time – Al Kooper
  4. Plenilunio – The Mystic Jungle Tribe
  5. Veter – Ichisan
  6. Aquarius – Prins Emanuel
  7. Alternative Theme From Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex (End Version) – Coil
  8. Dop Smoker – Timewarp Inc
  9. Through You – Seefeel
  10. Cantamilla – Tranquility Bass
  11. What Makes It Real – Explorer Of The Humankind
  12. Caravan – Haruomi Hosono
  13. Earthsong – Batu
  14. It Ain’t Easy – Hidden Spheres
  15. Beam Me Up (Please Take Away Mix) – Octo Octa
  16. Passin’ Trough – Inverse Cinematics
  17. On My Skin – 2XM

What Is Real by PNNY

“A buildup of frustration compiled into an hour track”, PNNY’s own today’s renaissance and Trigan Young offer us a selection of hip-hop, house and disco music in this latest mix for the ‘Studio Eksotika Presents’ series. Tracklist:

  1. Zatua – Nun Vuelvas Mas
  2. Jura Soundsystem – Udaberri Blues (Dub Version)
  3. Daniele Patucchi – Daniele Patucchi
  4. Sapho – Le Train De Paris (Jura Soundsystem Edit)
  5. Kozmonotosman – Sabahat Makamı
  6. Logic1000 – Na (feat. DJ Plead)
  7. Sattle – Lekas Sembuh feat. Santosh
  8. Bibi Flash – Histoire d’1 Soir (Bye Bye Les Galères)
  9. Blancmange – Living on the Ceiling (Extended Version)
  10. Mystic Jungle – Jurakan
  11. David Arch – Afro Culture
  12. Dazion – Be A Man
  13. Young Marco – Dreamless
  14. Channel Tres – Brilliant Nigga
  15. Woolfy vs Projections – Cruel Summer (Musumeci Wax On Remix)
  16. Sounds of Blackness – Optimistic (12” Alright Version)
  17. Mukarakat – N.O.S

Island Break by Mairakilla

Bali-based Mairakilla, who hosts ‘Island Break Jam’ the annual breakdance battle event on the island compiles this mix to capture the essence of the event as it is currently on hold. The mix travels through some of the dancers’ favourite tracks they would be breakdancing to at Potato Head Sunset. Tracklist:

  1. Aleke Kanonu – N’gwode
  2. KonKoma – Me-Kyin-Kyin
  3. The Poets Of Rhythm – More Mess On My Thing
  4. KonKoma – Accra Jump
  5. JMMSTR – It’s Got To Be Funky
  6. KonKoma – Handkerchief
  7. Dele Sosimi – E Go Betta
  8. The Daktaris – Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti
  9. Dave Gerrard – Pineapple Soup
  10. Los Dinamicos Exciters – Let Me Do My Thing
  11. Delay Lama – Funky Tibet (LegoEdit)
  12. Funkthomas – How Gee Is Your Party
  13. Coconut ’74 – The Gold Coast
  14. Turbojazz – The New Bell

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