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Potato Head collection — vacation wear inspired by Bali


We’re excited to share our new line of vacation wear inspired by everyday life at Desa Potato Head.

The Potato Head collection combines Balinese craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic, featuring loving nods to the music and culture that shape our island experience while embracing eco-conscious production practices.

We drew inspiration from our diverse range of influences, piecing together visual and stylistic fragments into an eclectic selection that brings the essence of our Desa life to the world – from favourite record sleeves to graphic elements from Bali’s Homegrown zine, playful hospitality references to the island’s ubiquitous reptile, the gecko.

And, as with everything we do at Potato Head, we worked hard to find sustainable solutions when bringing this collection to life. Whether it’s our Eco Vero™ shirts and sarongs or our recycled nylon shorts, hand-woven and hand-dyed beach pants and anorak or our hand-crafted silver jewellery, the range utilises recycled and environmentally friendly materials throughout.

The latest product release follows previous Potato Head collaborations with Stüssy, Peggy Gou, Wacko Maria, Dover Street Market and Neighborhood.

The full collection is available to browse and purchase in the Circle Store and online at Escalier

Published on 12/06/2024 by Potato Head