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AM/PM: Michael Tartaglia


AM/PM is a series where we invite our creative community to express their relationship with the Desa, through their own lens.

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About Michael Tartaglia

Michael Tartaglia is a photographer and director, originally from Perth, Western Australia. He has lived abroad in both Italy and Indonesia, furthering his global approach to creation and the continual development of his style.

In principle, Michael is inspired by the intersection of arts, culture and nature, and understanding how this relationship can be reimagined and retrofitted to cater to modern ideas.

Michael also works within the print and publishing space, having founded Foolish, an events, publishing and visual arts project in 2015.

Now based in Gadigal land (Sydney, Australia), Michael aims to continue expanding the breadth of creative projects in both the photography and directorial space.


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Published on 01/02/2024 by Potato Head