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nowness presents – futura: beyond dualism


In celebration of human possibility and a poignant reminder of our unbalanced relationship with nature, NYC artist FUTURA2000, AKA Leonard Hilton McGurr, has created two pioneering art sculptures for Potato Head. The Pointman – River Warrior sculptures have been created from waste plastics collected across Balinese waterways by environmental non-profit organisations, speaking to our ethos of making sustainability beautiful while at the same time emphasising the urgency of the universal waste crisis.

Waste has long been a concern for Futura. The view from his studio, along the banks of the Hudson River in New York City, is regularly obscured by vessels transporting trash and free-floating river garbage. Using waste in the formation of the sculptures acts as a social commentary on the pollution emergency faced by rivers and tributaries in New York City, Southeast Asia, and around the world – as well as the role of art as a means of communicating this.

FUTURA : BEYOND DUALISM is a re-telling of Futura’s reflections during a recent visit to Bali, exploring the island’s dynamic culture, bountiful landscape and deeply ingrained creative spirit. Featured on Nowness, the premier video channel for the best in global arts and culture, we follow Futura as he witnesses the real threats of plastic pollution and the incredible volume of energy that goes into reversing this, becoming inspired to join forces with Potato Head and bring a whole new mission and meaning to one of his most celebrated works, the Pointman.

Co-directed by Bali-based artist-director Pete Keen and NYC-based filmmaker Johann Rashid, this visual journey explores the meeting points of the multi-layered philosophies of Bali and the foundational principles of Pointman – River Warrior, relaying the importance of acknowledging dualism and finding the space of balance in between.

Published on 27/03/2023 by Potato Head

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