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crown ruler x potato head present magnetic island archive (m.i.a)

crown ruler x potato head present magnetic island archive (m.i.a)


Magnetic Island Archive (M.I.A) returns to the iconic expanses of Desa Potato Head Bali for its second Bali iteration: October 14th-16th.

Birthed by Pacific neighbours Potato Head and Crown Ruler as a shared mix series, M.I.A has since evolved into a recurring exchange celebrating cutting-edge music, art and culinary delights from both sides of the Indian ocean. A weekend escape as nourishing to the mind as body, the experience will bolster a delectable selection of live music and DJ’s whose stylings are a vibrant representation of the underground communities of both homes. All to be heard between the breathtaking stretches of the Potato Head ampitheatre, rooftop, deck and Studio Eksotika.

Unwind with Jakartan project Ali – whose creations fuse Middle Eastern lyricism with elements of 70’s rock and funk – or get down to the sharp-digging sensibilities of bagvs, ripe with a penchant for minimal-bleeps, tech-step and hard-hitting jungle. You will not be amiss of talent from all sides of the music stratosphere, whether that’s the hypnotic, sensual beats of Bali-based Fraktal, or Gero’s idiosyncratic selections of jazz and new wave merged with traditional sounds.

As for talent homegrown in so-called Australia, three-piece suite Izy are charged with futuristic soul bleeding with raw-soul tendency, while Hybrid Man add a different type of futurism – one instead oozing with wobbly basslines, transcendental pads and a tip to the 90’s ambient techno scene. And alongside the debut M.I.A’ers, the weekend also boasts an array of seasoned Potato Head performers such as DJ’s Ones and Jamie Benett, multi-instrumentalist Elle Shimada and beyond.

Every music-lover’s dream compacted into a weekend of relaxation beside unalloyed joy; all from the creative village of Potato Head Bali.



Ali (live), Bagvs, Benny Chiu, Elle Shimada (live), Fraktal (live), Gero, Hybrid Man (live), Izy (live), Jamie Bennett, Luma, Mike Who, Ones, Squidgenini, Taelyn, Zjoso


Published on 04/01/2024 by Potato Head