headonism #09 (23-25 sep)


Our monthly weekend of pure, multi-sensory indulgence– the potato head way. A full immersion into the “good times, do good” lifestyle through experimental music sessions, sustainability workshops, morning meditations, ice baths and, naturally, sunset libations, and so much more.

For this month’s upcoming Headonism, expect an array of artistic talents within the music, art, wellness, F&B, and sustainability worlds to join us at Desa Potato Head. On Friday, we start the weekend with a unique audio-visual experience presented with the help of Lichen Kelp and Dylan Martorell over at Tanaman in collaboration with SASi, a marine advocacy art collective, will be taking over the seatings for the evening, bringing together marine experts, artists, architects, amateur phycologists, chefs and coastal communities to explore seaweed as an edible subject and underutilised resource. Later that night, independent Bali DJ collective Peaches will be taking over the bar deck on Friday with their very own headliners Deemz, Jnaro and Naken, as well London-based DJ Kim Turnbull.

On Saturday, Gems of a Moonchild will be hosting a meditation crystal making workshop and the Sweet Potato Lab Team will be running an indigo tie dye workshop. The evening will see live performances from American singer and cellist Kelsey Lu, Balinese performative dancers Bumi Bajra and Kitapoleng as well a radical music project form Jogja’s Raja Kirik taking to the stages at Sunset Park. As the night continues, Vegyn, a British artist and producer whose work eludes any one genre, will be dropping in at Potato Head for his Indonesian debut,as a part of ‘Don’t Follow Me Because I’m Lost Tour!!’ tour. He will be playing under his label ‘Pls Make It Ruins’ and will be joined by pigbaby, who had never made music of his own until the lockdown of 2020. It led him into composing dissonant yet hallucinogenic sound, and the result caught the attention of Joe Thornalley, aka Vegyn himself. These artists will bring a lively yet esoteric energy to the dance floor at Studio Eksotika.

Finally, on Sunday, Tjok Gede Kerthyasa from Tirta Usada will be running an intuitive herbal blending workshop. The Whooligan & Joshua Lang of Room Service INTL will be closing the weekend with a sunset session.

In collaboration with by Felix for Headonism #09.


Lineup Profile


Kim Turnbull is a London based international multi genre DJ, with an eclectic style, encompassing a range of different sounds from across the globe, influenced by a plethora of genres including hip hop, dance & electronic music, with a focus on afrobeats and amapiano.


Vegyn is an artist who challenges categorisation. His genre-hopping compositions and his long list of collaborators make it impossible to put him neatly in a box. His works have been featured on Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ album among others.


The artist behind pigbaby grew up in Ireland, where he spent a lot of time in a record shop in Dublin. His earliest musical education came from listening to his grandad play banjo as he sat on his knee, or his mum blasting Thin Lizzy. His experimental performance will be featured alongside Vegyn to support his Asia tour.


Given his broad tastes & versatility as a selector, he is comfortable supporting Zomby to Pharrell Williams & as comfortable heating up the dance in far-flung locations like Montreal, South Africa, Moscow & Shanghai.


Amsterdam based DJ Deemz has steadily been playing at various clubs in The Netherlands and abroad. She quickly became a household name in the Dutch Hip-hop scene with her curation of the newest gems, trappy 808’s and speaker knocking kicks.


The Bali based electronic trio got together through a mutual appreciation of electronic music—together they fuel the brain of lustrous sound waves laced with hypnotic beats, and nearly fractal melodies. Dusty yet sensual, their live act transforms frequencies and blends everything into a musical journey. For them, pure magic comes out of the cuff.


Lichen Kelp is an artist/curator working across liquid worlds; researching marine ecologies, experimenting with colour chemistry and creating water based electronic instruments while also holding and partaking in art residencies to a cuttlefish breeding zone, an estuarine floating studio and coastal communities around the world.


Housed within the conceptual framework of musical diaspora, his work is drawn to ways in which music travels through space and is affected by changes in geography, climate,culture and materials to become an agent for cross-cultural reciprocation.


Kelsey Lu is a classically trained cellist and polymuse from Charlotte, North Carolina. Lu’s artistic practice flows comfortably at the intersection of visual art, performance, healing activism and music.


Kitapoleng presents ‘Linggih Pahayu Gumine’ as a contemporary dance performance that stands as a hopeful message of regeneration, reconnection, & reciprocity. Choreographed by Jasmine Okubo.