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honeycombers bali: “33 best sunset bars in Bali – our top spots for a golden hour that really glows”


Ain’t nuthin’ better than a well-timed tipple, especially when you’re watching a jaw-dropping sunset that Bali is so famous for. Beach or jungle, if the view fits, we say go with it. So kick back and cast your gaze upon the best sunset bars in Bali – our fave places to ruminate whilst the sun illuminates. These are Bali’s finest sunset seats for a golden hour that really glows.


2. Sunset Park

A sprawling rooftop bar and social space perched above Seminyak Beach, Sunset Park at Desa Potato Head is a sight to be seen indeed. Slinging unrivalled ocean views and classic cocktails reimagined with an Indonesian twist, it’s a place for jaw-dropping get-togethers, topped off with irresistible bites and music that floats across the panorama. With the candy-coloured Seminyak sky as the backdrop, sip on house-infused cocktails featuring locally-sourced spirits, like the Kalimata spiked with jackfruit infused-arak and a soursop foam, or the Mango Harum Spritz with Aperol, peach and bubbles. And in true Desa Potato Head style, Sunset Park treads lightly on the island, with upcycled furniture and innovative designs that seamlessly merge into the natural surroundings. We can’t get enough…

Published on 02/02/2024 by Potato Head