in conversation: futura2000

During our Pointman – River Warrior unveiling, we had the chance to have a special and thought-provoking conversation with the Futura himself. With the help of Rostarr, we were able to share ideas and hopes about our future. We hope this collaboration will keep inspiring others about the possibilities of waste.


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futura2000: pointman – river warrior

New York City artist Futura2000, in collaboration with Potato Head, has created two sculptures titled ‘Pointman – River Warrior,’ which are to be unveiled in Singapore and Seminyak Bali. Created using waste collected across the island of Bali, Pointman speaks to Potato Head’s ideation that sustainability can be beautiful. On December 9, the courtyard of the OMA-designed Potato Head Studios in Seminyak Bali will be home to the second River Warrior sculpture.

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manual jakarta: “futura’s pointman – river warrior lands at desa potato head”

Striking up a collaboration with lifestyle brand Potato Head, New York City artist Futura debuts Pointman – River Warrior in Seminyak Bali and Singapore, captivating through more than scale but an accomplished resurrection of plastic waste. This is the fuel behind Potato Head’s research and guides them to collaborate with artists and designers who share the same mission and creative drive. The most recent is multi-disciplinary New York City artist Futura, who collaborated with the creative village to develop his instantly recognisable figure, Pointman, into two sculptures using repurposed plastic waste collected across the Bali coast.

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nowness presents – futura : beyond dualism

FUTURA: BEYOND DUALISM is a re-telling of Futura’s reflections during a recent visit to Bali, exploring the island’s dynamic culture, bountiful landscape and deeply ingrained creative spirit. Featured on Nowness, the premier video channel for the best in global arts and culture, we follow Futura as he witnesses the real threats of plastic pollution and the incredible volume of energy that goes into reversing this, becoming inspired to join forces with Potato Head and bring a whole new mission and meaning to one of his most celebrated works, the Pointman.

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Published on 29 March 2023

BY Desa Potato Head

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