The Same Good Times, A Few New Tricks


Welcome Back

We designed a host of new measures to keep everyone at Potato Head safe, happy and comfortable. Our staff have been re-trained, our services tightened and the place has never been
cleaner (and we’re aiming to keep it that way).

So, relax and enjoy the island, potato heads – we’ve got your back.


For Our Guests

Keep Your Cool
Thanks for letting us take your temperature. We’re running checks for all guests and employees any point someone enters the Desa. If you’re above 37.3° C, we’ll get you the medical attention you need in a safe space away from other guests and staff.

Less Contact, More Connection
Once we open our Studios, tune-in online and use your mobile to access your room. Our tune-out area has been spaced-out, but contactless payment is encouraged. If you must make contact, don’t stress – there’s hand sanitiser throughout the property and in your studio.

Safer Rides
We’re working with a local transport service to provide safe, comfortable rides and keep our community supported, too. All our drivers have been briefed on our latest health and hygiene protocols. Happy travels.

We’ve Got You Covered
No face mask? No worries. Sustainably-made (and super-comfortable) masks are provided in your welcome kit. Please remember to wear them when you venture out of the Desa.

Space Out
We get it – it’s easy to forget about staying safely apart. With that in mind, we’ve placed markers in our elevators and public areas as a gentle reminder. Please stick to them to keep everyone safe.

Family Matters

New Moves
All our family members have been trained and briefed on infection control, healthy distancing and careful hygiene both at work and at home. Our protocols include checklists for prevention, new cleaning and disinfection plans and internal audits carried out by our HR department. On the service side, we’re masked-up, gloved-up and following the best advice from the most trusted authorities.

The Signs Are Clear
All of our back-of-house areas are marked with posters explaining our new procedures, safe distancing practices and advice on sanitation and hygiene. We’ll review these guidelines as much as we need to based on what the authorities are recommending at the time.

Fully Equipped
We have emergency kits distributed across the Desa. Each one includes germicidal disinfectant and wipes, face masks and shields, goggles, disposable gloves, protective aprons, full-length long-sleeved gowns and biohazard disposable waste bags.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

In The Know
Our in-room booklet for staying guests covers all the steps we’re taking for safety and sanitisation, plus the new operational norms for our restaurants, housekeeping and other services.

All The Kit
Our zero-waste kit now includes a mask made from upcycled Potato Head fabric off-cuts and a bottle of hand sanitiser which can be replenished throughout your stay.

Clean Living
We’ve given our housekeeping and sanitation procedures a thorough scrub. Our cleaning techniques have been updated according to the advice of the World Health Organisation and Indonesian Government health authorities, with a few of our own practices thrown in for good measure.

Divine Timing
Tuned-out rooms will be left vacant for at least 24 hours before the next guest tunes in and we will make sure they are perfectly sanitized and disinfected for you.

Food and Beverage

Not Too Close, Lots Of Comfort
To avoid getting too cosy, we’ve reduced the number of pool cabanas at the beach club and our restaurant tables are at half capacity.

Caring, Not Sharing
We’re serving all meals á la carte and our kitchen and service teams are across all the latest food safety regulations.

Raising The Bar
The hygiene bar, that is. All our food-and-beverage-serving areas are fitted with sanitation stations and frequently touched surfaces are wiped-down with a clean microfibre towel and hospital-grade disinfectant after every visitor.

Make It Personal
Once our Studios are open, we will give you the option to customise your in-room dining game. Let us know what you’d like, how you’d like it, when you want it and we’ll take care of the rest. What we won’t do is barge-in unannounced, as per the requirements of the new normal. Menus will be provided digitally through QR codes which connect to our F&B services.

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