Doing good will never disrupt the good times.

We take a conscious approach to sourcing so you can have an amazing experience while creating a better tomorrow.

The Zero Waste Kit

RPET Tote Bag

Each bag is made out of 35 water bottles. Made in China from recycled plastic.

Cutlery and Straws

Each piece of cutlery is handmade and coated with a food-grade sealant so it is safe for consumption and reusable after wash. Made in Indonesia.

Cutlery and Straws Pouch

100% cotton, handmade and naturally dyed in Bali. Made in Indonesia.

Ointment Pots

Constructed from aluminium and bamboo. Made in China.


Constructed from aluminium and bamboo. Made in China.

Water Bottle

Made of aluminium and bamboo. Made in China.


Made from waste materials in Bali by Sustainism Lab.

Refillable Amenities


Made in Bali by Sensatia Botanical.


Made in Bali by Sensatia Botanical.


Made in Bali by Sensatia Botanical.

Insect Repellent

Made in Bali by Republic of Soap.


Made in Bali by Sensatia Botanical.

After-Sun Care

Made in Bali by Republic of Soap.


Signature Shirts
All Potato Head signature shirts are made from Tencel™ fabric, use coconut-shell buttons and are responsibly produced in Indonesia. 

Tencel™ is a natural material made from the pulp of fast-growing Eucalyptus trees. The fibre is fully biodegradable and anti-bacterial, uses 80% less water than cotton and is harvested without the use of pesticides or insecticides. All pieces are designed to minimise their impact on the planet and feature prints inspired by Desa Potato Head’s island home, Bali.

All Potato Head T-shirts are made from organic cotton and produced in Indonesia.

Food and Drink

Conscious Cocktails
Our Conscious Cocktails bar programme is concerned with where we fall in the supply chain of the ingredients we use and how we dispose of them. Fruit is sourced seasonally and we use culinary techniques like curing and natural fermentation to maximise parts of the ingredient that would otherwise go unused. We use locally produced, untreated coconut sugar and raw Balinese honey in our drinks to achieve the balance of flavour. Traditional citrus acids are eschewed for alternative brewed acids, like locally produced raw cider vinegars and plant acids like rosella, and use the husks and leftover pulp from juicing to make in-house liqueurs and syrups.

Cooking Oil
We work with Yayasan Lengis Hijau to process our used cooking oil and biofuel is purchased back in the form of candles or donated to Green School’s Bio Bus Programme, which uses the fossil-fuel alternative to transport children to and from school.

A leading example of our ongoing commitment to protect the planet while proving environmentalism and modern design do not need to be mutually exclusive. Produce is from Bali Fresh Farm Cooperative with line-caught fish from Bali Sustainable Seafood and rice from the UNESCO-protected Jatiluwih terraces. Food scraps are meticulously separated into organic and inorganic waste that go into five different bins; what can be fed to pigs is sent to local farms, shellfish shucks are used as a design material at Sustainism Lab or powdered and used in animal feed or fertilizer, and all dry goods are entirely recycled by the island’s responsible waste management service, ecoBali.

We act as a platform for our suppliers to grow their businesses. Working with responsible farmers, artisan producers and other sustainable companies, we invite them to be part of our family and create a value chain relationship.

We partner with BioSystems to retrieve water from the ocean instead of the island’s natural reserve. Through the process of reverse osmosis, salt water is made safe to drink and used across the entire Desa.


We support Green School’s Changemaker program which sponsors young Balinese students to attend the Green School for the entire period of their primary and secondary education. We committed in 2018 and currently sponsor four scholars in grades 2, 3, 8 and 9.

Accolades and Certifications

Most Sustainable Bar
Potato Head Beach Club was awarded the Most Sustainable Bar award by Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2018.

United Nations Climate Neutral Now
Katamama and the Beach Club are certified as climate neutral, as declared by the United Nations’ Climate Neutral Now initiative. This means Potato Head has measured, reduced, and compensated for any greenhouse gas emissions while establishing industry benchmarks for eliminating waste and promoting recycling in Indonesia.

Art Installations

‘5,000 Lost Soles’ (2018) by German art activist Liina Klauss demonstrates the reality of marine pollution through an installation of flip-flops collected along the shores of Bali. The 5,000 sandals were collected by Klauss and her small team in just six beach clean-ups.

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