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Zero Waste Hacks: Natural DIY Paint


Turn waste into natural, chemical-free colours. At Potato Head, all our rugs, robes, throws and other textiles are naturally dyed. We’re constantly amazed at the colours our landscape provides us with.

You don’t need to be a professional to experiment with natural dyes. These paints are quick-and-easy to whip together – creative souls of all ages can make them home. The pigment can be drawn from flowers, fruit and veg or organic kitchen waste. Make the most of whatever’s available and don’t be afraid to play. Use this activity to take your scraps further, entertain the kids, or as a quiet meditative practice. All you’ll need aside from the ingredients is a pestle and mortar to extract the pigment, a sieve, and, of course, a good set of brushes to bring the paint to life on the page.

You’ll need Plant-based materials such as flowers, soil, leaves, fruit, vegetables Mortar and pestle Sieve Hot water Brushes and containers Paper

The process Gather your materials and extract the pigment by crushing them using pestle and mortar. We suggest items like beets, dragon fruit, strawberries, spinach, red cabbage and turmeric for great colours. Add a small amount of hot water to pull out the dye. The less water you add, the stronger the colour will be. Allow the crushed matter to sit for at least five minutes before straining it through a sieve so it’s ready to use. Also, the longer it sits the stronger the colour will be. Check the consistency. If you’d like it thicker, add limestone or cornstarch and give it a good stir.

About Sustainism Lab Led by Potato Head’s Director of Sustainability Lauren Blasco, the Zero Waste Hacks are facilitated by our in-house Sustainism Lab team.

Sustainism Lab is a research and design workshop located inside Desa Potato Head which is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to waste. It helps the Desa adhere to a zero-waste philosophy, and drives Potato Head towards becoming a circular brand where every element fits into the three ‘r’s of sustainability—reduce, reuse and recycle. The lab also functions as an inspirational and collaborative space for our physical and online audience, and our industry peers.

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Published on 29/04/2020 by Potato Head

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