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net a porter: “the world’s best beach club”

net a porter: “the world’s best beach club”

With picture-perfect sands and boundless panoramas, these unbeatable hotspots are sure to inspire wanderlust for future travels. So whether barefoot luxury or golden-hour glamour is your scene, here are the best beach-club resorts for soaking up the sun – and watching it set in style…


Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak offers a holistic approach to wellness and relaxation that’s difficult to beat

Potato Head bills itself as a creative village in Seminyak, where traditional mediums of hospitality are transcended and “music, art, design, food, wellness and sustainability collide, offering a new type of holistic experience”. It has an impressive program of events, too – from screenings and live music to yoga and guided meditations – while the beach club boasts two infinity pools encircled by daybeds, a swim-up bar, and several restaurants.

Published with edits on 12 May 2023, by Desa Potato Head

Original article by Katie Berrington. Published on 24 Apr 2023 (Net A Porter)