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Home Recipes with Adam Penney, Exec Chef Potato Head Singapore


Stay-at-home eats from potato heads, for potato heads. Here, Adam Penney, group executive chef of Potato Head Singapore, dishes up some of his favourite comfort eats. They’re super-simple and you’ll find most of the ingredients in the fridge.

#001 SMASHED PATTY BURGER Missing our Three Buns burgers? Chef Adam Penny shares his cheeseburger recipe, replete with jalapenos for kick and a mayo-horseradish-sriracha sauce.

#002 PRATA PIZZA Frozen prata pizza – it’s a thing. Chef Adam Penny makes an easy stay-at-home pie using staples from the fridge and pantry.

#003 GRILLED CHEESE Chef Adam Penney’s oozie four-cheese toasted sandwich you can easy replicate at home.

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Published on 12/05/2020 by Potato Head

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