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brides: “bali beach resorts for your dream honeymoon”


Not all islands are created equal—some are just so special, they tower above the rest. Bali is one of these, seductive to anyone with an affection for Mother Nature’s beauty or fascinating culture, genuinely warm and friendly people, and food bursting with flavor and personality. There’s no question the Indonesian island is saturated with intricate Hindu temples, palm trees and lush jungles, idyllic beaches, and some of the world’s best surfing, which makes it an impeccable choice for a honeymoon. The allure is backed up by authentic, once-in-a-lifetime experiences enhanced further by the surreal settings.

Since it’s relatively small, basing yourselves at one of many beaches makes for stunning starts and ends to your days, with options to explore the rice terraces, volcanoes, and monkey forests of the interior. Here, the top nine picks for Bali beach resorts that have the magic to make your island honeymoon truly exceptional.

Conscientious couples—and design lovers—will swoon for this new hotel beside the iconic party central Potato Head Beach Club. With the slogan, “Good Times, Do Good,” the 168-studio property at the heart of a carbon-neutral creative village in Seminyak is all about making sustainability fun and chic. There’s a postcard-perfect beachfront pool, balconies dotted with hammocks, a gorgeous spa, a handful of hot bars and restaurants (including seafood-focused Ijen, the region’s first zero-waste eatery), and enough in-room amenities—think cool wooden baths, fully stocked artisanal bars, aromatherapy and pretty coffee table books—to make venturing out tough.

But chances are, you’ll find all the artistic and musical goings-on difficult to miss. Beyond yoga flows and surf lessons, newlyweds can try their hands at woodcarving, take a sustainability or gardening workshop, tour a green village, or find inspiration in the Sweet Potato Lab, where oyster shells, used cooking oil, and other waste are transformed into design objects. Book an Escapism package for even more perks, and check out Potato Head Suites for more sprawling accommodations.

Published on 25/07/2022 by Potato Head