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am/pm: kanrapee

am/pm: kanrapee

AM/PM is a series where we invite our creative community to express their relationship with the Desa, through their lens.

About Kanrapee

Kanrapee Chokpaiboon was born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His work is deeply influenced by his passion for sci-fi films, extraterrestrial beings, and spirituality. In 2015, he traveled to New York, where he had the opportunity to learn from and work with well-known photographers. This experience broadened his perspectives and helped him discover his true passion for photography.

Kanrapee’s photography style revolves around dramatized reality, creating a surreal and quirky atmosphere with a touch of dark humor. He envisions an alternate reality through his lens. Apart from photography, he is also a co-founder of Arc Tribe, a digital magazine, and Arc Press, an independent publisher.

Published with edits on 9 Aug 2023, by Desa Potato Head

Original article by Vici. Published on 9 Aug 2023