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about: sanctuary

Sanctuary Potato Head is a boutique wellness experience connecting the community with their flow state; increasing relaxation and concentration while awakening a higher level of consciousness.

We offer alternative forms of wellness and spirituality including vibroacoustic audio visual therapy, sound healing, breathwork, ice bath therapy, energy medicine, somatic release and awakenings 7-days per week.

Created by the family that brings you Pyramids of Chi, Ubud, Sanctuary was born via a dream to bring wellness and spirituality to all communities, beginning with the popular holiday destination of southern Bali. Accessing humans that are new to wellness and spirituality and offering approachable but powerful practises and experiences is our motivation. Through these practises and experiences, life changing transformation can occur. We wish for all guests to take these transformations back to their families, friends and wider communities and live a life of good health and happiness.


Partnering with the innovative team at Desa Potato Head and taking residence in the newly relaunched Potato Head Suites, Sanctuary provides further knowledge and support to their ever-expanding wellness pillar. Taking this journey of wellness together, Sanctuary Potato Head is committed to providing the most magical experiences in the most incredible resort facilities in Bali.

Published on 03/11/2023 by Potato Head