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First Boiler Room Weekend Takeover in Bali
Desa Potato Head, 22-23 July


Witness Potato Head’s creative village transforms into a beachfront playground for Boiler Room’s first-weekend takeover in Bali. With the Balinese rays kissing your skin, get lost in a polyrhythmic club set from Portugal’s DJ N Fox, or bask in the transcendence of a Floating Points set with all the beauty of Desa Potato Head at your whim. Spanning across four stages, the lineup features the likes of 30 DJs and live PAs from over ten countries where you’ll jump from techno to reggae and garage to funk with Tokyo’s Lil Mofo, or you’ll find yourselves adeptly attuned to the beat, from a selection of Indonesia’s finest.




This unique Boiler Room weekend does not stop at the music. Featuring food stalls satisfying both local and international cravings, you’ll be able to explore a wide range of flavours while doing the same sonically. Join us for a weekend that will truly warm the soul.

Those choosing to join us as hotel guests for the weekend will gain exclusive access to our ZODIAC nightclub pop-up. Book your stay here.

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Published on 15 July 2022

BY Desa Potato Head

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