Rainbow Disco Club: Bali 2024

Desa Potato Head
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Rainbow Disco Club honour their 15th anniversary with a weekend of cutting-edge music, art, and exchange at Desa Potato Head.

Following last year’s unforgettable event, Japan’s best-loved underground music festival makes a most welcome third appearance at the Desa for more kaleidoscopic cultural celebrations.

Inclusive and immaculately curated, Rainbow Disco Club is Japan’s best-loved underground music festival — regularly welcoming revered worldwide DJs and producers to perform for open-minded crowds in a breathtaking festival environment. Their forthcoming appearance sees them take over the Desa for a weekend takeover, with some of Japan’s most revered artists and a selection of global talents playing alongside our resident DJs.

Potato Head Beach Club plays host on Friday, with international headliners Peach and Shanti Celeste, a house set from Japan’s DJ Nobu, Tokyo-based Little Dead Girl, and local heroes Marvel b2b Imen and Seabass. On Friday and Saturday, the party continues late into the night with an RDC Klymax takeover featuring Sisi, Kikiorix, and Yamarchy, while a live show on Sunday at The Amphitheatre sees out the event with the sonic mastery of Kuniyuki, Soichi Terada and Sauce81 (LIVE), and Space System.

To accent the music, RDC’s own chef Kenta Hajima will be serving his unique ramen flavours on Friday, 26 April from 7pm onwards, while special merchandise will be on sale to mark the occasion.

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Line-up Profiles

Peach - RDC - Web.jpg
Peach is a Canadian-born, UK-based DJ and producer whose sets have become beloved worldwide for the emotional range and bubbly energy that radiates. Her style is classic yet steeped in modern flair, effortlessly gliding through tech house, proto-house, bleep, tribal, ambient techno and more.
Soichi-Terada - RDC - web.jpg
Soichi Terada
Soichi Terada is a legend of Japanese electronic music, revered as much for his pioneering dance tracks as his infectious video game scores. With a sound that bares the subtle hallmarks of ‘80s and ‘90s New York, Terada has continually cooked up his own melodically rich slant on house, while his recent work on Rush Hour introduced his sound to a whole new audience.
Shanti Celeste -RDC - Web.jpg
Shanti Celeste
Shanti Celeste has won international acclaim for her contemporary take on the classic Motor City sound. The expansive visions of the early techno pioneers are reflected in Celeste's open take on her craft, while her emotion-rich productions on the likes of Dekmantel, Apron, Future Times, and her own Peach Discs imprint have helped amplify her unique creative message.
Kuniyuki - rdc -web.jpg
Masterful Hokkaido-based producer and sound designer Kuniyuki Takahashi merges soul with precision with his stunning production work. A regular on Japan’s revered Mule Musiq label, he’s released under numerous monikers, including Forth, Frr Hive, and Koss.
dj nobu - rdc -web.jpg
Japan’s DJ Nobu is one of a kind; a DJ with no fixed style but instead a very real abil­i­ty to blend a world of music into his own unique sound spaces. Some­thing of a cult fig­ure, Nobu distils decades of expe­ri­ence into his acclaimed Future Terror par­ty, his label, Bit­ta, and his few choice pro­duc­tion outings.
Kikiorix - rdc - web.jpg
Tokyo’s Kikiorix is a renowned DJ who has played at clubs and festivals worldwide, from LA Berlin, Ibiza to Hawaii. During the 2000s in London, he cut his DJ teeth at Holic and was later invited to perform at Japan's Fuji Rock Festival, helping to cement his reputation as a selector with something to say. Kikiorix is resident DJ and in-house designer for RDC.
Little Dead Girl - rdc - web.jpg
Little Dead Girl
Tokyo-based composer and DJ Little Dead Girl has quickly garnered a reputation as one to watch. She launched her Gross Madness party series in 2021 and has performed at benchmark Japanese festivals RDC and Fuji Rock, as well as recording techno and disco fused mixes for NTS, Noods Radio and more.
sauce81 - rdc - web.jpg
Sauce81 is a Tokyo-based producer, singer, and performing artist known for his electronic grooves that blend elements of funk, hip-hop, house, disco, boogie and jazz. He’s gained worldwide attention for his productions, releasing soul-flecked music on the likes of Eglo Records.
Sisi - rdc - web.jpg
RDC resident and Timothy Really label founder Sisi has his roots in the ‘00s rave culture of Japan. He played a pivotal role in the Tokyo club scene as a booker and record buyer for seminal Shibuya hotspot, SECOBAR, and has served as resident of Real Grooves at Space Lab for over 20 years. He remains committed to exploring dance's essence and delving into its historical roots.
Yamarachi - rdc - web.jpg
Yamarchy is a seasoned collector specialising in obscure cosmic and Balearic curios. He’s been a key figure at Tokyo’s club Mitsuki since its inception in 2019, serving as a resident DJ, booking agent, and director. He curates events at venues across Tokyo as well as showcasing his talent at renowned festivals such as FESTIVAL de FRUE in 2020 and RDC.
Having begun his musical journey via the Jakarta-based Anja project back in 2017, Marvel’s reputation for crafting immersive, floor-friendly grooves has been steadily growing. His sets are shaped by a profound love of disco, house, funk, fusion – and everything in between.
seabass - rdc - web.jpg
Seabass is a Bali-based DJ known for crafting sensual soundscapes at his Calypso sunset session and late-night event, Heatwave. His expansive sets twist and turn through disco, funk, rock, jazz and electronica.
imen - rdc - web.jpg
Growing up immersed in Jakarta’s evolving music scenes helped shape Imen’s diverse and boundary-breaking sets — encompassing soca, funk, house, techno, and more. Alongside his residency at Potato Head Bali, Imen founded the revered party series YES! and Magico's Motel.
Space System.jpg
Space System
Space System is an electronic music duo hailing from the vibrant city of Jakarta. Comprising the dynamic partnership of Aryo Adhianto and Jonathan Kusuma, this musical journey began in 2005 when their shared passion for electronic sounds fused their diverse musical backgrounds. Aryo, steeped in the world of acid jazz, and Jonathan, influenced by the energy of rock and metal, found common ground in the pulsating rhythms and boundless creativity of electronic music.


Rainbow Disco Club: Bali 2024

, Desa Potato Head


Desa Potato Head
Jl. Petitenget No.51B, Kerobokan Kelod, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361