a creative village designed to let your imagination take the lead

Desa Potato Head is a creative playground with inspiring activities happening in every corner of the property. There’s energy activation and meditation under the rising sun, morning yoga for kids and adults, art installations made out of waste, sustainable workshops for all ages, our curated library, listening lounge and co-working centre Studio Eksotika, and Headstream.

We have created a platform for grassroots action where change-makers such as Sungai Watch, Youthtopia and Parley could share their voices, and worked with globally recognised artists, designers and creatives—including OMA, Liina Klauss, Max Lamb, TooGood, Kengo Kuma and Andra Matin—to transform waste into art.

Our creative village celebrating music, art and sustainable food, design and architecture with a “good times, do good” attitude is buzzing with life and regenerative hospitality, ready to inspire and excite the dynamic community near and far.

Nourish the Body — F&B

Don’t give up what makes you happy. Making time for rest and indulgence is as important as staying up to catch the sunrise every now and then. Sampling from thoughtful menus and sipping on natural concoctions feeds a life of balance.

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Align the Soul — Wellness

Bali is the place to refocus and centre yourself. Explore therapeutic workshops and seek out a guide who’ll help you navigate to new energies. You don’t know what you’ve been missing until you feel it.

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Inspire Creativity — Art, Design, & Music

Step into your imagination and be surprised by what you find there. Encounters with music, design, art and cultural experiences leave you stimulated and fulfilled. Let yourself be surprised.

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Sustain Mother Earth

We don’t have a choice, but we do have a responsibility. Changes in how we travel, the way we live and what we consume create a positive impact. Our decisions today affect tomorrow, so we’re making better ones.

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