Nano Uhero :The Womb

Nano Uhero
(b. Bali, 1976)
The Womb (2020)
Nano Uhero The Womb (1).jpg

A piece based on ecological awareness, The Womb is a bamboo sculpture by Indonesian artist Nano Uhero, who favours the material for its lower environmental footprint, malleability and high tensile strength.

“Bamboo is an inseparable part of Balinese social and religious life, let that be in architecture, ceremonies or other. This is a great source of inspiration for me in making art from bamboo. That said, there is an understanding for me that one of the characteristics of bamboo is that it can be applied to any form.

Bamboo is a solution to creating art that is environmentally friendly; the by-product of this process is not hazardous to the environment. Additionally, the shape of the work is inspired by the snail. The bamboo weaving in this piece is a metaphor for the unique differences each of our perspectives has of one thing: a tunnel that we go through together, walking slowly, all towards the same destination of betterment for the earth.

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About Nano Uhero

I Wayan Sudarna Putra, AKA. Nano Uhero was born in Ubud, Bali 1976. He studied art at ISI (Indonesian Art Institute) Yogyakarta from 1994 – 2004, until the earthquake of 2006, then returned home to Ubud to further develop his artistic exploration.

Interpreting the paintings, sculptures and installations of Nano Uhero is like being reminded of the richness of contemporary aesthetics that refuse one single defined framework. Uhero’s work is in itself an eclectic code of various artistic combinations and systems.