Made Palguna :Guardians

I Made Arya Palguna
(b. Bali, 1976)
Guardians (2020)
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Guardians is a three-dimensional light installation created by Ubud-based multidisciplinary artist, I Made Arya Palguna.

The piece is inspired by Balinese penunggun karang shrines, which are also referred to as palinggih pangijeng. Constructed in yards and gardens outside many of the island's houses, these protective shrines serve as guardians of the land — or palemahan — and its inhabitants. Guardians is constructed of iron coated in green phosphor paint and adorned with neon flex LED lights.

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About I Made Arya Palguna

Born in 1976 in Ubud, Bali, Palguna first learned painting under his father, I Ketut Sudana, a well-known & respected painter in his own right.

He received his Bachelor's degree from ISI Yogyakarta in 1996. A versatile artist, his distinctive style appears in his paintings, sculptures and other three-dimensional objects, and installation art, even performance art and murals. He has exhibited extensively throughout Indonesia and abroad.