Joko Avianto :Woven Clouds

Joko Avianto
(b. West Java, 1976)
Woven Clouds (2020)
19.5m x 6.2m x 5.1m
Joko Avianto Woven Clouds (1).png

Situated on the fourth floor of Potato Head Studios, Woven Clouds was created using reclaimed HDPE power fibres by Indonesian artist, Joko Avianto.

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Joko Avianto Woven Clouds (3).png
Joko Avianto Woven Clouds (4).png
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About Joko Avianto

Joko Dwi Avianto was born in Cimahi, West Java, in 1976.

He graduated from Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD) of The Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 1996 before continuing his studies at the Master Program in the same college. Now he teaches sculpture at the Indonesian Arts College (ISBI) Bandung.

Joko is widely known for his installation works that form intertwined bamboo. As an artist he began to use bamboo material within non-conventional sculpture in 2003, in Bandung. This was the place where he then found a new technique that he called a module ⎯ bamboo broke ⎯ in which he could make any kind of bamboo-shaped object without having to split it the material.

Through the use of bamboo, Joko invites us to reflect on the depletion of bamboo forest vegetation and the impacts on social life surrounding the material; the extinction of bamboo culture, the loss of creativity and bamboo craftsmen; and the transition of the craftsman to the manufacturing industry. For Joko, bamboo is a symbol of his anxiety on the theme of wealth, and the destruction of Indonesian cultural diversity, by a process of industrialization which became the backbone of modern life today.